Better Spanish foundation to enable faster and more successful transition to English literacy





Lengua, ritmo y cultura (LRC) strengthens Spanish foundations through vocabulary enrichment, listening, repeating, modeling oral language and developing reading skills. Learning experts agree that these building blocks must be in place in order for Spanish speakers to become more capable of transitioning successfully to English literacy.


•Differentiated Literacy Instruction and Intervention

•Student Progress Tracking and Results Report

•Embedded TEKS Mapping Tool and Word Search


Student access

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Teacher access

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Use Firefox browser until Dec. 2018 and remove pop-up blockers

Teachers and students will have full access

to LRC Online Platform individually.

Assessment component STAAR formatted

Designed by experts with decades of experience in developing Texas Spanish reading assessments.


Lengua, ritmo y cultura Online Platform offers:

More features:


• K-5 SLAR Interactive and Digital Resources


• Intervention Features: Guided Reading Practice and Assessment with synchronized text and audio


• Student Progress Tracking and Results Report by Classroom- School- District Level


• Embedded TEKS Mapping Tool and Word Search


• Complete connection and cohesion between the digital and print materials


• Embedded teacher training videos and updated Teacher Guide (Jan. 2019)


• Multibrowser, Interoperability and Device-agnostic (Dec. 2018)



• Attendance


• Quizes and evaluation rubrics


• Forum and chat (optional)


• Student Portfolio (work and assignments)


• Content Management System (Photo galleries, videos, documents, etc)

Specific examples of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Thinking


Cross-curricular content created by native Spanish speakers, authors and educators from culturally diverse backgrounds.



Click to download sample*


Click to download sample*

*Only for evaluation purposes

*Proc. 2019 eligible grades K, 1, 4 and 5 for adoption. Grades 2 and 3 are available by disbursement.


What are the percentages of each genre found in the materials?

Dashboard Reports & Analytics (By Classroom-School-District Level and Teacher Performance)

Based on 2017 SLAR TEKS


• Cross-curricular and Cultural Relevance Authentic Spanish Content created by experienced Hispanic authors and educators.


• The content, technology and neuroscience-based methodology offer the best instructional design for Spanish language literacy.


• Powerful tools to provide bilingual and dual language students differentiated instruction and early intervention.


• Enable struggling readers opportunities to achieve grade-level competency.


• Easy step-by-step implementation process.


• Tutorials and videos to successfully apply in any classroom.





LRC Platform Powerful Tech - features


1. Frequent Progress Monitoring an Assessment Report (Per Lesson)

2. Reports available by Student-Classroom-School-District Level

3. Gamification - engaging step-by-step strategy


Weekly Lesson Plans
Scope & Sequence

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